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Hey every-buddy! Looks like it's November, spooky season's over, and I've finally racked up enough points for my free Turkey at ShopRite. October was a crazy month for me (in a good way) and I'm a little sad to see it go so soon, so I wanted to take the time to write about a few of my highlights from this month :)

First of all, I'm very happy to say that I had finally turned 21 on the 13th of October! I had a really great day spent with my girlfriend and having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with all my friends, our casual restaurant of choice and the most obvious way to celebrate my right to drink (legally)!

I also went on a tour of a local brewery and had my first taste of craft beer (which tasted absolutely amazing by the way), so shout-out to the Carton Brewing Company for the awesome experience.

4889865_154118331061_me.pngNot only was this my first time (legally) drinking, but this past October was also my first ever attempt at trying to complete the full 31-day long challenge of Inktober! Being a primarily digital artist, this was a really fun challenge and a great way to exercise my traditional drawing skills. Now I've come to love the whole process, so you can expect me to be utilizing the medium a lot more.

As you can see from my gallery it appears that I had only uploaded a little more than two-thirds of my entries for the month, but that is only because I wanted to save the pieces that I had really liked, or at least found decent, to be uploaded here onto Newgrounds. If you would like see all my entries, you can find them all on my Twitter page :) 

But you know what was the icing on the cake that made the whole thing completely worth it though? The fact that I was recognized by the staff here on Newgrounds and was one of the recipients for an Inktober Travel Case as a gift. I remember vividly the day I saw the announcement, the immediate burst of energy and motivation that came to me in the middle of an otherwise very sluggish day. So as one final thank you all on Newgrounds and staff, I dedicated my last entry for this year's Inktober to Newgrounds' upcoming game Nightmare Cops by drawing one its playable characters: Chris, labeled as Inktober No. EX.



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